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    Earth Emotions

    February 18, 2pm PT

    As climate change and development pressures overwhelm the environment, our emotional relationships with Earth are also in crisis. Pessimism and distress are overwhelming people the world over. In this maelstrom of emotion, solastalgia, the homesickness you have when you are still at home, has become, writes Glenn A. Albrecht, one of the defining emotions of the twenty-first century. Earth Emotions examines our positive and negative Earth emotions. Author Glenn Albrecht proposes a dramatic change from the current human-dominated Anthropocene era to one that will be founded, materially, ethically, politically, and spiritually on the revolution in thinking being delivered by contemporary symbiotic science. Register now for the webinar.

    Citizen Discourse

    February 21; 9:00am PT

    Marilyn Turkovich, Program Director, Charter for Compassion, will moderate a discussion with Dr. Michael Nagler (founder, Metta Center for Nonviolence), Dr. Claybourne Carson (Director, King Center, Stanford University) and Mandar Apte (director, cities4peace) in a conversation on King and Gandhi.

    We are all aware of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s strong admiration for Mahatma Gandhi. Most of us however, are not aware of a transformational pilgrimage that MLK took to India, in 1959 to study Gandhi’s teachings. What did MLK learn from his trip to India? How did it support his belief in using nonviolence strategies for promoting social justice? How can these lessons help inform us today in a time of national and international turmoil?

    In preparation for the conversation, we invite you to watch a documentary film “From India With Love produced by Mandar Apte (Board Member, Charter for Compassion) that describes the journey of six victims of violence from across America who embarked on a transformational journey to India, inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who had also visited India to study nonviolence. The common denominator that binds them in this story is their unique exposure to violence and their desire to reinvigorate the conversation about nonviolence in America.

    Register for this webinar.

    Compassionate Children

    February 24, 2020

    We all come from diverse cultures, backgrounds and ethnicities. We were also raised in various families of origin. Some grew up with two parents, some one, others lived with grandparents or other relatives. There are many who had stepparents (bonus parents), adoptive parents and even foster parents. With all the differences in our upbringings, those who are interested in this course have one thing in common. Your parental figures were not the ones you would have chosen for yourselves. You may have survived abuse, rejection, abandonment or neglect. You may still blame them or carry your own guilt and shame to this day. But that can change now. This course offers a way to cultivate compassion for you as well as your flawed parent. Understand how to love yourself regardless of the relationship you have or had with them. Learn how to reclaim your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. Whether or not your parents ever change who they are, you can live your life in peace knowing you did your part. Learn more about the course and register here.

    Compassionate Food

    March 11, 8:00am PT

    Compassionate communities and cities need healthy and safe food to thrive.  This webinar is for all compassionate initiatives--mega-cities, towns and villages.

    As part of its activities for a more compassionate Pune, India, we have launched the Annadata movement (Annadata means the provider of food.) The movement aims to connect organic farmers in and around Pune to consumers in the city, and to address shared challenges in the safe food ecosystem. These are expanding awareness of both producers and consumers, building ethical and efficient supply chains, reducing waste, supporting and training organic farmers. The Annadata Citizens’ movement works like an organism which is a coalition of NGOs, entrepreneurs, civic workers, organic farmers, teachers, students, citizens and volunteers. Learn more about the webinar and register here.

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