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Partnerism, what is it and what does it have to do with Compassion?
Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 09:00am - 10:00am

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May 19, 2021 at 9am Pacific time we will be hosting a roundtable discussion with the leaders of the twelve sectors of the Charter for Compassion to engage in a conversation and exploration guided by the question, “What does Partnership look like for your sector?” We have provided each sector with the tenets of Partnerism, provided by the Center for Partnership Studies.  
We invite you to join us at this event as we spend one hour asking how we can best serve Compassionate Action through the lens of Partnership. We do not have all the answers to our individual and collective challenges, but we do have the tenacity to know there are questions and journeys of transformation at our door, knocking loudly.It is our invitation to open it and find out what else is possible?
It is evident that the world is in the midst of deep social transformation and change. We can look back to the 1960’s and see the beginning of people resisting the status quo, and the weight of an overarching system of divisiveness.

At the Women and Girls Sector of the Charter for Compassion, we have spent the last year considering our next best steps in regard to our shifting social culture, the challenges we face, and what is present for us.

We are exploring a bold and audacious vision for humanity through the lens of Partnerism and Compassionate Integrity, and in such we have made changes within our sector to reflect these emerging narratives. We invite you to read ahead and if you feel so inspired, we invite you to join us as we journey and co-create a new compassionate future.

The Charter Women and Girls sector is transitioning our sector name to Gender Partnerships.

We commit to fostering a space of understanding and collaboration between genders. To access the deeper understanding we seek, we have partnered with the amazing organization Gender Equity and Reconciliation Internation (GERI) to build our skills for creating sacred space for the gender healing this world so deeply requires

Gender Partnerships will serve as the primary sector, with three sub-sectors: Women and Girls, Men and Boys, and LGBTQA+. We acknowledge that each gender and gender expression is valuable and has their own inherent needs and natures. Therefore, we have created a space for each subsector to flourish independently, while also providing a safe and sacred space to unify and co-create

Additionally, the Women and Girls Sector has launched the Partnership for a Safe and Sacred NOW series. What exactly is a Partnership for a Safe and Sacred NOW? Let’s break it down.

We have observed many programs, the United Nations Council on Women included, who use the language of eliminating violence against women and children (or anti-violence language). This is a noble cause and yet, the challenge as we see it is watching many phenomenal organizations work toward what they “don’t” want: violence. It seems make sense, and yet we ask, if we don’t want violence, what do we want?

We want Partnership. We want Safety. We want to be remembered as Sacred sentient beings. And furthermore, to be received as so. Treated as so. We want this for all humans regardless of gender. Hense, Gender Partnerships.

We know that the behavior of domination leads to the outcome of violence. If we choose Partnership, domination is unnecessary. If domination is eliminated, so too can violence. If violence goes, we are left with the invitation to co-create spaces of Safety. We are shifting narratives and language at the Charter Gender Partnership/Women and Girls Sector. We are here to remember our inherent worth and dignity, and to do our part to be a beacon of Sacredness in a world of growing pains.

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