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Making Purposeful Empathy Our Superpower
Tuesday, June 29, 2021, 08:30am - 09:30am

Empathy has never been more important to the future of humanity. We also need it to flourish as human beings. Yet, we are living in the era of a massive empathy deficit. Everyone feels it differently, but there’s no escaping it. Fortunately, neuroscience has proven that humans are born to empathize, that collective empathy has been a part of our successful evolution as a species, and that extending empathy is good for us. This means we can wield it as our superpower.

In this interactive, thought-provoking and heartfelt talk, Dr. Anita Nowak will present her Purpose Empathy Model, which draws from neuroscience, leadership studies, positive psychology and social impact discourse. Her goal is to inspire individuals, families, communities and organizations to create a better future for themselves and society.

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Make Empathy Great AgainAs a proud partner of the Charter of Compassion, Anita is singularly focused on leveraging empathy for personal, organizational and planetary transformation. A Montreal native, Anita holds a PhD from McGill University where she teaches Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation and was named Professor of the Year in 2014 and 2019. She is a certified personal and professional coach and co-founder of PVM Studio, a global advisory firm for purpose-driven family offices, foundations, and companies. She is a two-time TEDx speaker, hosts a podcast and YouTube series called Purposeful Empathy, and is currently completing her first book by the same name. Learn more:

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