Participating Communities

Our Participating Communities may range from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to small villages in the United Kingdom, India and Pakistan to mega-cities like Karachi and San Antonio. The Charter for Compassion has communities in more than 50 designated countries in the world.

These communities are community-lead initiatives and they are all at various stages of development. Becoming a compassionate initiative (community, hamlet, neighborhood, village) takes time and effort. Read more about how to Build a Compassionate Community.

Issues change and priorities change, committees lose and gain members, elected officials are voted in and out. Read about the List of Issues which includes 21 topics with related questions that any community may use to reflect on and discuss.

The mainstay of a compassionate initiative is a core team of grass roots organizers working hand-in-hand with local partners and government.

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Community Initiatives

Charter Initiatives are the communities at work, laying the groundwork to identify issues on which they wish to work on and are in dialogue with their local government representatives.

Charter Initiatives can be initiated by one person, organization or group that get involved with the Charter for Compassion, apply the toolbox strategies, and would like their City to adopt the Charter too.

Here are the main Charter Initiatives to date:

List of Cities A-D
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