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    The range of courses offered in the Featured Courses section of the Charter Education Institute stem from assisting individuals, teams and organizations around the world on understanding the mind and heart of a compassionate community and explore processes that create paths to design sustainable action plans to meet local, national and international challenges.  In addition, just as many of us engage in different circles of culture and society, so does the Charter for Compassion.  The Charter supports work in twelve sectors: art, business, education, environment, healthcare, interfaith (religion and spirituality), peace, science and research, social justice, social services, restorative justice, and women and girls.  Consequently, course work is being desired and implemented in each of these sectors.  

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    CIT TrainingBack by popular demand! -
    Compassionate Integrity Training - Winter 2021

    Start Date: Tuesday January 12, 2021 6 to 8 p.m. Eastern Time
    End Date: March 16, 2021

    Duration: 10 weeks
    Registration: Now Open!

    Have you ever wondered how you could cultivate the compassion called for in the Charter or help others cultivate that compassion? Compassionate Integrity Training (CIT) is a great place to start!

    CIT is a resiliency-informed program that cultivates human values as skills, so we can thrive as individuals, and a society, within a healthy environment.  By learning skills to calm our bodies and mind, becoming more emotionally aware, learning to practice compassion for ourselves and others, as well as engaging with compassion in complex systems, we can build towards compassionate integrity: the ability to live one’s life in accordance with one’s values with a recognition of common humanity, our basic orientation to kindness and reciprocity. 

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    scienceofcompassionA LIVE version of our popular Signature Course!
    The Science of Compassion

    Start date: February 22, 2021
    Price: $30
    Duration: 4 weeks
    Instructor: Marilyn Turkovich
    Registration: Coming Soon

    During the last several decades, the exploration into the science of compassion has been growing monumentally across continents. Measurement and evaluation, while still in early developmental stages, is being investigated vigorously by major international institutions. Themes that have made their way into the study of compassion can be seen as broad in nature: altruism, empathy, kindness, forgiveness, gratitude, happiness, resilience, and mindfulness, each integral to understanding compassion holistically.

    The Oxford Handbook of Compassion Science, tells us that “the eyes may be the window to the soul, but science is showing the ears may be the route to our hearts.”  Compassion can and must be learned.  Practicing self-compassion, loving-kindness, experiencing pathways to forms of mindfulness, supporting new ways of learning, respectfully interacting with others and all living creatures, and knowing how to understand interdependency and systems are all avenues to a more supportive and flourishing future.

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    H360 Environment NEW!
    Humanity 360: Environmental Concerns That Affect Us All

    Start Date: March 15, 2021
    Cost: $30
    Duration: 4 weeks
    Registration: Early February, 2021
    Guide: Taya Pocock

    Zoom: Included in Course. Date(s) and Times coming soon!

    What are the diverse and urgent issues facing our common humanity?

    What challenges and opportunities exist for transformation with these issues?

    How can each of us come to feel empowered to address these issues?

    Welcome to Humanity 360, an innovative media, mindfulness and social engagement-based curriculum for recognizing our common humanity and how societal issues shape us and are shaped by us.

    In this first course of a three part series, we will examine our Environment through the following concerns:

    Food democracy and seed protection • Wildlife habitat and protection • Climate adaptation and migration • Nature and Technology

    "We have developed this curriculum to meet the demands of our times and respond to the call of increasing numbers for critical social change through compassion, agency and action."

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    poetryBack by Popular Demand!
    Poetry for Inspiration and Wellbeing

    Start Date: April 6, 2020
    Duration: 4 weeks
    Facilitator: John Smelcer
    Cost: $30.00
    Registration: Now Open!

    A chance to learn about writing poetry from the one of the longest-serving poetry editors of a national magazine in American history. Come join us for this popular course in April which is National Poetry Month!

    Poetry has the power to inspire. Poetry can give witness to social injustices or show us how to live mindfully and compassionately. Poetry is therapeutic. For those who are hurting, poetry has the power to heal. Many people begin writing poetry as part of a healing process. By writing about what has injured our spirit in the past and about how we feel about ourselves presently, we can diminish suffering and begin to rediscover joy. This course will explore how writing poetry can inspire not only us, but others, how it can increase well-being, and how it can be used to teach tolerance, understanding, and compassion, including compassion for the earth and all living things.

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    CIT EDOngoing!

    Compassion Integrity Training (CIT) for Educators

    Date: Contact us for dates
    Duration: 5 weeks

    Registration: Contact Us!

    The Charter for Compassion and CIT’s Global Education Network are presenting a special Four-Part Program for educators and administrators, including:

    • CIT course meeting twice a week for 5 weeks
    • Self-Paced Certification Program in SEE Learning
    • Monthly Seminar Sessions
    • Level 1 CIT Facilitator Training

    Join us for a 5-week program that will forever change the way you view others and the world around.

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