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    At CEI we aim to make learning about Compassion as easy as we can for you.  Therefore, we are now offering On-Demand courses for our students so you will have more flexibility to study any time and anywhere at a speed you are comfortable with. Registration is convenient – any day and any time.

    Please note that there is no active participation by an instructor or other students.  

    On-Demand Courses can be purchased for intact groups and teams so they can work together and create more dialogue as a cohort.  If interested please contact us!

    The course material has been prepared and presented by subject matter experts. We are committed to expanding our program of on-demand courses so keep watching this section for new courses!

    iStock 185473121Emotional Intelligence for a Compassionate World

    Starting Date: 
    The course will start immediately after registration.
    6 weeks of course content, delivered on demand.
    This in-depth, intensive course will be made available for an additional 6 months for students (without instructor)
    Registration: Opening Soon

    Maybe you’ve thought about how empowering it could be to join with others who are willing to take action for a more compassionate world.

    And maybe you’ve recognized that building Emotional Intelligence skills could be helpful to you in your relationships as well as in building a more compassionate community where you live.

    Emotional Intelligence skills and competencies can become the fertile ground for a more compassionate world. The skills that contribute to Emotional Intelligence can lead to the development of empathy and compassion--in individuals, in families, in the workplace, in communities, and among the interconnected societies of people throughout the world.

    During this course, you will discover your own Emotional Intelligence strengths, learn ways to add to your Emotional Intelligence competencies, and consider practical ways to apply your skills to build a more compassionate world.

    Click here to learn more about the course and register.

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    The Science of Compassion

    Now being offered live by the Course Developer

    Date: February 22, 2021
    4 Weeks
    $30 US

    This course will return to on-demand at the completion of the live version.

    More information and registration available here.




    George Tooker

    Charter for Compassion: Compassion in Action

    Register and begin the course anytime.
    Cost: $15

    On February 28, 2008 acclaimed scholar and bestselling author Karen Armstrong received the TED Prize and made a wish—to help create, launch, and propagate a Charter for Compassion. After much work and the contribution of thousands of people the Charter was unveiled to the world on November 12, 2009. This is a course about the Charter that was begun under Armstrong's vision and the work that has evolved throughout the years. More importantly, it is an invitation to those participating in the course to become involved in working towards a more equitable, just and peaceful world.Experience how the Charter works with grass roots organizations around the world in conjunction with thousands of partners. Learn how the Charter has become a network of networks--binding projects and people together to fulfill needs within their communities. Learn more about the course and register here.




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    The Essence of Compassion

    Register and begin the course anytime.
    Cost: $30 US

    The Essence of Compassion is intended to take you on a historical and cultural journey of the development of thinking about and acting on compassion.  In participating in the course you will be simultaneously developing your own definition of compassion by determining what it is and isn’t. You’ll do this by journaling, reading, watching videos, listening to poetry and music and observing art that reflects views of compassion.  Learn more about the course and register here.


    groupcourseHow To Become A Compassionate Citizen: Strategies and Tools to Activate your Community Groups

    (Designed for Individuals or Groups)
    Register and begin the course anytime!
    Cost: $25 for course, Individuals. See Group Costs here

    Who is this course for?
    This course provides a systematic way for groups to deepen their experience of compassion and experience its impact on both an individual and community level. It helps people to become acquainted and to establish common ground, and a shared vision.

    What is the course about?
    Participants are invited on a journey of exploration to discover how to manifest our natural tendency for compassion as sustainable compassionate action.

    Is your group needing some deeper conversations on compassion to spark your next steps?
    Deepening your hands-on understanding of compassion will help to inspire ideas of where and how you want to implement your ideas

    Throughout the course participants will engage in exercises and meditations that develop compassion. We will share current scientific research about the validity of these methods. Learn more about the course and register here


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