The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC)

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    The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication (NYCNVC) is a spontaneous, cooperative network of NVC learners, proponents, trainers, facilitators and practitioners who share a passion for the work of Marshall Rosenberg. Our immediate intention is to carefully develop and deliver amazing NVC trainings within and across pervading geographic, cultural, economic and language bounds. Our long term intention is to establish a widespread understanding of Nonviolent Communication as a key to creating a more compassionate and sustainable world to leave for our children's children.


    NYCNVC was founded in 2003 by Thom Bond and Nellie Bright, with the support of Marshall Rosenberg, Larry Wydro and a small group of volunteers. It was the combination of Marshall agreeing to come offer trainings in New York and the community's ability to spontaneously organize ourselves that gave birth to NYCNVC as a viable NVC organization. 


    We are 30 trainers and staff serving a community of just over 27,000 registered members and an active training participant population of just over 5,000 in over 100 countries (see map above). Our offerings are currently available in Arabic, English, German and Spanish languages. French, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Italian language projects are in process, with completion expected by Summer of 2018.

    Our Shared Values

    In addition to our passion for NVC, as a group, we also hold a high value for deep human connection, impeccable communication, integrity/trust and fun. These values are rigorously and gratefully nurtured in everything we do and hold us together regardless of circumstance.  We love sharing and continuing Marshall Rosenberg's work together. We run on connection, inspiration, copious communication, compassionate understanding and love.


    Location: Newburgh, NY, USA

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