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    The Purpose of this initiative is to prepare ourselves and the world for the year 2020, which represents the 150th anniversary of the Mother’s Day Proclamation  reflecting and further igniting the international Suffragist movement, and the 19th Amendment in the United States, which set the precedence for women all around the world.   

    2020 also signifies crystal vision, necessary for looking back at what we have learned from our past with clear intentions for moving forward to a more compassionate and equitable future for all. It’s in looking back that we can identify the moments in history where the sacred was made profane, and we can start the conversations to restore and elevate our wisdom, creativity and glorious disruptive nature.

    V2020 is a campaign to elevate the voices of women and girls everywhere by acknowledging an unofficial 18th Sustainable Goal of self-examination. together we are midwifing a new paradigm that must come from the womb and through the voice. This requires women and girls to stop comparing ourselves to others and to know that we are enough. In fact, we are being called upon to show up with that which only we can bring and that is only unique to each one of us. This is where we can wake up, light up, and rise!

    We will accomplish this through

    • The V2020 Webinar series
    • The #V Vote social media campaign
    • Encourage Red Tent events

    We know we are standing on the shoulders of those suffragists who marched and suffered to own and honor our personal agency. We honor them by encouraging more women to run for office, engaging and helping our Cities of Compassion initiatives flourish.

    We want girls to grow up in a world where they know their voices must be heard and other girls will support them. We want to create a world where the Charter for Compassion is a beacon of hope that we can all live up to and women and girls have parity, which we believe is necessary to create a compassionate world

    Don't miss our first call
    January 22nd at 11:00 AM PST
    "How Did We Get Here?" with Riane Eisler, moderated by Donna Mills
    RianeThe incomparable Riane Eisler; social systems scientist, cultural historian, and attorney whose research, writing, and speaking has transformed the lives of people worldwide, helps us launch our V2020 series.

    We begin with a conversation on a topic Riane is an expert on, and one that will help us address the root causes of our world's problems, and better understand what we can do to shift us towards a more compassionate world with 2020 Vision.

    Our host and moderator for this call is Donna Mills, Community Advocate, Transformational Healer, Professional Speaker, Embodied Wellness Practitioner, and Partnership Studies Practitioner. Donna is also a Charter Women and Girls Ambassador.
    Join us on January 22nd to explore "How Did We Get Here?"
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